The Meaning of The Prince
Machiavelli Workshop

(on the occasion of the V centenary of Machiavelli’s work)

Participants Include:

  • Erica Benner, Yale University
  • Emanuele Cutinelli Rendina, Université de Strasbourg
  • Denis Fachard, Emeritus Professor, University of Lorraine
  • Anthony Grafton, Princeton University
  • John P. McCormick, University of Chicago
  • Rahul Sagar, Princeton University
  • Quentin Skinner, Queen Mary, College of London
  • Peter Stacey, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Maurizio Viroli, Princeton University

  • Schedule

    Thursday, February 7 - Open to the Public

    4:30 pm - 6:30 pm: McCormick 101
    Quentin Skinner, "Describing and Redescribing the Virtues of the Prince"

    Friday, February 8 - By Invitation Only

    9:00 am: Continental Breakfast:

    9:30 am: Emanuele Cutinelli Rendina, "Machiavelli’s Prince in the Light of His Experience at the Florentine Chancellery"

    Coffee Break

    11:30 am: Peter Stacey, "Il Vivere Servo in Machiavelli’s Political Thought"

    12:30 pm: Lunch

    1:30 pm: Erica Benner, "Machiavelli’s Ironies: The Language of Praise and Blame in the Prince"

    Denis Fachard, "Sources of Modern Exempla in The Prince"

    Coffee Break

    5:00 pm: Rahul Sagar, "The Prince and Short Sighted Princes"

    7:00 pm: Dinner

    Saturday, February 9 - By Invitation Only

    8:30 am: Continental Breakfast: (Lobby of 301 Marx Hall)

    9:00 am: John P McCormick, "The Enduring Ambiguity of Machiavellian Virtue: Agathocles, Borgia and Liverotto"

    Maurizio Viroli, "The Prince as a Redeemer"

    12:00 pm: Lunch