UCHV Seminars and Workshops    

The University Center for Human Values sponsors a limited number of seminars and workshops throughout the academic year which seek to incite thought and discussion about ethical issues in both private and public life.

  1. Monday, November 10, 2014 Filmscreeing: "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" Keegan Kuhn and Kip Anderson, Co-directors Commentator(s):  Peter Singer, Princeton University Dodds Auditorium , 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm UCHV Seminars and Workshops

    COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret is a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following an intrepid filmmaker as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – and investigates why the world's leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. As eye-opening as Blackfish and as inspiring as An Inconvenient Truth, this shocking yet humorous documentary reveals the absolutely devastating environmental impact large-scale factory farming has on our planet.

  2. Saturday, February 28 - Sunday, March 1, 2015 Problem Promises Workshop Hallie Liberto, Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Faculty Fellow 301 Marx Hall UCHV Seminars and Workshops
  3. Monday, May 18 - Tuesday, May 19, 2015 A Workshop on Plato's Statesman UCHV Seminars and Workshops

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