Epistemic Dimensions of Democracy Revisited:
Normative and Empirical Perspectives

A Workshop under the Auspices of the History of Political Thought Project,
University Center for Human Values, Princeton University

April 30, 2014


9:00am    Welcome:

Jan-Werner Müller

9:15am    Opening Remarks:

Jürgen Habermas

9:45am    Hélène Landemore

Beyond the Fact of Disagreement? The Epistemic Turn in Deliberative Democracy
(Chair: Melissa Lane)

10:45am    Corey Brettschneider

Epistemic Democracy and the Value Theory of Democracy

11:45am    David Estlund

Fighting Fire with Fire (Departments)
(Chair: Alan Patten)

1:30pm    Daniel Gaus

Beyond the Systems Approach to Deliberative Democracy: Reconstructive Theory and the Epistemic Dimension of Democracy
(Chair: Hélène Landemore)

2:30pm    Cristina Lafont

Deliberation, Participation, and Democratic Legitimacy: Should Deliberative Mini-publics Shape Public Policy?
(Chair: Paulina Ochoa Espejo)

3:45pm    Melissa Lane

A paradox in the democratic ethics of scientist communication
(Chair: Corey Brettschneider)

4:45pm    Concluding Roundtable

Chair: Jan-Werner Müller
Jürgen Habermas, Charles Larmore, Alan Patten


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