Short Movie Prize

Marx Hall

Marx Hall, home of the University Center for Human Values

University Center for Human Values awards an annual Short Movie Prize of $1000 to a movie that addresses the designated theme for that year. Honorable Mentions are made from time to time and these are awarded a prize of $250.  

In 2017, the theme is Fanaticism. Undergraduate students enrolled at Princeton during academic year 2016-17 are invited to submit entries no later than Friday, 24 February 2017. The winning movie will be selected by a panel of judges approved by the chair of the Committee for Film Studies. More details on when and how to submit movies are given below.

Winners of the Short Movie Prize


Theme: Choosing
Co-winners: Chanyoung Park '17, Roxana Turcanu '16 and Cezar Mocan for Même [watch] [read]
Co-winner: Emma Michalak '17 for But for the Grace. [watch] [read]
Honorable Mention: Ben Goodman '17 and Simon Gulergun's for Untitled [watch]


Theme: Attachment
Winners: Ben Goodman ’17 and Simon Gulergun “Capture Bonding” [watch] [read]


Theme: Equality
Winner: Jeanette Beebe '14 "Beyond the Boys' Club" [watch] [read]
Honorable Mention: Cameron Johanning '16 "Equality" [watch]
Honorable Mention: Jane Pritchard '15 "Hats" [watch]


Theme: Justice
Winner: Michael Glassman '15 and Tom Markham '15 "A Film on Justice" [watch] [read]


Submission Requirements

  • The preferred length of the short movie is around 7 minutes, but there is no maximum or minimum length. Music to which rights have not been secured can be used as long as the film is not shown commercially;

  • In 2017 the jury will consider digital videos (or films transferred to digital form) that bear in any way on the theme of Fanaticism. Students should upload their videos to a website–YouTube, Vimeo, or some other video sharing website–and provide the jury with a stable URL.

  • Each submission must be accompanied by a short biography (no more than one paragraph) of the student who made the movie (if more than one student, submit a separate biography for each student);

  • An optional supporting statement about the short movie (no more than one page, double spaced).


For more information and questions, please contact Femke DeRuyter.