Value and Public Life "Breakout" Trips

All juniors participating in the VPL program are encouraged to propose a breakout trip to be taken in the spring semester. More information will be provided at VPL info. sessions.

Proposal questions:

  1. Describe the topic/issue of the trip and why it's important to you. What learning questions do you hope to answer through this trip?
  2. What is the location for the trip? Please also describe potential community partners for the trip. Have you already approached them?
  3. What are the learning goals for the trip? What impact do you expect to have on the community and/or issue?
  4. Describe anticipated trip logistics and other details (housing, meals, transportation during the trip from/to Princeton, etc.)
  5. What supplies will you need for your trip and activities?
  6. What hands-on experiential learning activities will be included in the proposed trip?What opportunities will participants have to discuss and debrief on the issues encountered?
  7. Who are the student leaders of the trip?
  8. Do you anticipate pre-trip learning sessions, and how might UCHV best help support this?

You will also need to include a budget with your application.

Please contact with any questions.