Cross-Listed and Funded Courses

Spring 2017

CHV 332/PHI 347
Ethics and Pathologies of Attachment
Monique Wonderly

CHV 411/PHI 411
Free Speech in the Internet Age
Susan Brison

CLA 255/PHI 255/CHV 255
Conceptions of Evil
Christian Wildberg

CLA 310/CHV 314/AAS 311/POL 310
Citizenships Ancient and Modern
Dan-El Padilla Peralta

ECO 385/CHV 345
Ethics and Economics
Thomas C. Leonard

PHI 202/CHV 202
Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Elizabeth Harman and Sarah E. McGrath

PHI 277/CHV 277
Biomedical Ethics
Hrishikesh S. Joshi

PHI 307/CHV 311
Systematic Ethics
Gilbert H. Harman

POL 307/CHV 307
The Just Society
Alan Patten