Financial Information

Relocation Allowance

Fellows receive reimbursement for moving expenses up to a maximum set in their offer letter for their moves to and from Princeton. Note that relocation expenses are considered taxable for visitors that are appointed for 12 months or less at Princeton University.

Please retain your receipts associated with moving expenses in case they are required as substantiation at a later date. The Center will request a one-time additional pay  to be paid during the first month of your appointment. If you are planning to sign-over your monthly stipend checks to your home institution, please notify Maureen Killeen so she can request that the relocation allowance be paid in a separate check from your first month’s stipend.

Research Expense Accounts

A research expense account is established for each visitor (for your available balance at any time, please contact Susan Winters if your office is in Marx Hall or Kim Girman if your office is in 5 Ivy Lane. Values and Public Policy postdocs should contact Susan Winters). The Center will provide research account balances via email in November, February and May. Your research account is available for any expenses incurred from September 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. Balances as of that date revert to the University Center. The deadline for submission of reimbursements/substantiation of expenses is July 15, 2018.

Please note that the following guidelines are provided for information purposes only. The Center and the University's administration (the Office of Finance and Treasury and the Office of the Dean of Faculty) reserve the right to deny any expense reimbursement requests they feel do not align with the University’s guidelines, policies, and procedures.

Please note: During your fellowship year, you will be issued a Princeton Travel & Expense Card. Concur is Princeton’s system for booking travel arrangements and seeking expense reimbursements/substantiating expenses charged to your university travel and expense card. When you use your Travel and Expense Card, your charges are automatically uploaded to your My Concur page and are ready to be substantiated on an expense report. Using the Princeton Travel and Expense Card reduces manual entries and the need to spend cash out of pocket.

Receipts are required for expenses of $50 or more.  Photograph or scan these receipts and attach them to your expense report in Concur.  Receipts for expenses less than $50 should not be submitted.

The Center asks that you submit a Concur report for any expenses you have incurred the previous month. All expenses must be substantiated via a Concur expense report within 45 days of being incurred. You will be reminded to submit an expense report each month. If your office is in Marx Hall or you are a Values and Public Policy Postdoc, please direct questions regarding Concur to Susan Winters ( If your office is in 5 Ivy Lane, please direct questions regarding Concur to Kim Girman ( You will receive an email with instructions for setting up your Concur profile and the Center will provide a Concur expense report demo session in the fall semester.

For more information on Princeton’s expense policies, please refer to the Finance and Treasury website.

For more information about using your UCHV research account for business travel, please refer to the University Travel Policy 

Research Account Allowable Expenses

The UCHV will provide each Fellow and Postdoc with research support as detailed in their offer letter during the fellowship year. These funds are allocated to assist you in your research and are intended to pay for research-related expenses, such as the purchase of books and other research materials, including software, the employment of research assistants, payment of subventions, payment of translation expenses for research materials, research-related travel and other research-related expenditures. We are not able to reimburse you for the purchase of computer hardware, such as peripherals, digital cameras, phones, iPads, etc. Fellows are permitted to use their research account funds for meals with colleagues (at which research interests are discussed) and our funding does not preclude using your research account for meals that include alcohol. However, we ask that you use good judgment and select, for example, house wines.