A Conference on Life & Choice in the Abortion Debate

Princeton University - October 15 & 16, 2010

Inspired by President Obama’s call during his Notre Dame address for those on different sides of the abortion issue not only to work together where we agree, but also to engage in "vigorous debate" with "open hearts, open minds, and fair minded words."

  • Do you find most public discourse on abortion painful?
  • Convinced that there is nothing new to be said about abortion?
  • Worried conflict over abortion policy threatens progress on other justice issues?
  • Long for a conversation about abortion in which people who disagree discuss their beliefs humbly, are open to change, speak respectfully, and actually listen and learn from those who have a different view?

Speakers and Moderators

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  • Anita Allen
  • Helen Alvare
  • Sunny Anand
  • Barbara Andolsen
  • Sarah Brown
  • Christian Brugger
  • Sidney Callahan
  • Charles Camosy
  • Arthur Caplan
  • Laura Chasin
  • Rebecca Cook
  • Kristen Day
  • Bernard Dickens
  • John Finnis
  • Richard Garnett
  • David Garrow
  • Eric Gregory
  • David Gushee
  • William Hurlbut
  • Mary Jacksteit
  • Dawn Johnsen
  • Christopher Kaczor
  • Cathleen Kaveny
  • Frances Kissling
  • Eva Kittay
  • Rachel Laser
  • Maggie Little
  • Ruth Macklin
  • Mark Mercurio
  • Michael Moreland
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Kimberly Mutcherson
  • Cristina Page
  • Lynn Paltrow
  • Dorothy Roberts
  • Elizabeth R. Schiltz
  • Peter Singer
  • Joseph Tham
  • James Trussell
  • Robert Vischer
  • Robin West
  • Laurie Zoloth

Issues to be Explored

  • Emerging opportunities to bridge the abortion divide
  • Moral status of the fetus
  • Whether some reasons for abortion exacerbate discrimination against persons
  • When might a fetus feel pain and what should we do about it
  • How far the right of conscientious refusal extends
  • Should abortion be a matter for the courts or the legislatures

If you are not able to attend the conference, you will be able to watch it live online.

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Organizing Committee

  • Charles Camosy, Fordham University
  • Frances Kissling, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jennifer Miller, Bioethics International
  • Peter Singer, Princeton University


  • Princeton University:
    • University Center for Human Values
    • James Madison Program
    • Department of Religion
    • Center for the Study of Religion
  • Fordham University Department of Theology
  • University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics
  • Bioethics International

The conference acknowledges with appreciation
a travel grant from the Ford Foundation